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Purposeful Adventurers 


Become an R[4] Purposeful Adventurer

Have you ever thought of going on a short term mission trip but didn't have the time or resources to do so? Have you been looking for a way to make a difference in this world in a lasting and memorable way? Well, stop thinking and looking and just do it at an R[4] Family Retreat! Our retreats are GREAT opportunities to serve as an individual, family or youth group. We offer different options with different time commitments and costs*. 
*All R[4] Retreats have a per person cost to help cover the expenses that we incur when running a retreat. The cost will be published 6 months ahead of the retreat and monthly payment options will be available if needed. Volunteers are encouraged to "raise support" to cover the cost of their admission as if they were going on a short term missions trip. 


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