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Making Things Doable

The disciples were dog tired from a weeks-long preaching and healing assignment. They were hoping for a little R&R. Now they were hit with a full day of revival preaching and healing. And it wasn’t even a tent meeting. Oh, I didn’t’ bring my sunscreen! Late in that unplanned day of teaching the 15,000 people and healing, the disciples brought up the fact that this was a desolate place and the people needed something to eat. It is safe to assume that the disciples interest was not entirely altruistic. They were surely hungry themselves. Jesus’ response was,

“You give them something to eat”.

They objected that it was impossible for them. And it was impossible – for them. The first objection was about not having enough money. But, money wasn’t a concern of Jesus. He asked them what other resources they had – how much bread. They came up with 5 loaves and 2 fish. You can hear them grumbling among themselves, “What good is that?”. Jesus had a plan, but He wasn’t telling them.

Mark’s narrative gives us a vivid particular that reveals something more about the character of Jesus. He was a person of organization and detail. He had the disciples divide the crowd into groups of 50s and hundreds and sit down in ranks. You could probably hear the disciples questioning, “What’s this all about.” But that organized the people so that the disciples could move easily among them, setting things up for what would come next.

What impossible assignment have you received from the Savior? When Jesus gives you an assignment, even though the assignment is far beyond your resources and ability, he prearranges the circumstances to make it as doable as possible. Just obey His direction.

Prayer: Thank You for the impossible challenges that you have trusted me with. I’m listening for Your instructions. Thank You that You have pre-arranged the circumstances to make it do-able. I’ll follow Your lead and move forward.

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