The unique focus of service to which God has called us is to families

affected by special needs members. We value all people, as image

bearers of God, irrespective of physical or mental ability.

We are God's hands, feet and mouth to show His love to all people

without discrimination. We encourage, inspire and empower

the whole family through rest, restoration, renewal, and healing (Rapha).

We serve all people with respect, kindness, care, and grace. 

The foundation of everything we do is

spiritual ministry based on the Bible.


A nation wide network of five or more beautiful ADA compliant camping facilities spread across the United States that will be open year-round where families can come together and experience the following:

  • Exciting outdoor activities for people of every capability;

  • Peaceful moments in the center of God's Creation;

  • Acceptance, encouragement and practical help;

  • Respite times for parents/caretakers;

  • Opportunities to bond with family;

  • Special group adventures for siblings;

  • A safe pace to build new friendships;

  • Networking opportunities with other families;

  • Resource sharing and learning;

  • Spiritual refreshment focusing on Jesus and God's Word.


Through all these, R[4] Retreat Center will fulfill its mission by providing the 4 R's that are the cornerstone of our ministry:

  • Rest for the body;

  • Restoration of the spirit;

  • Renewal of the mind;

  • Rapha (healing) for the heart.