R Vision & Values

R[4] Retreat Center Vision

R[4] seeks to create “retreat” on multiple levels for families with Determined Adventurers (individuals with special needs). As an organization, we began with the dream of creating retreat centers across the country for families where they would feel included, accepted and loved. A place of peace and calm in the midst of the chaos. A place to come away to and find solace in the middle of God’s creation. A place of Rest, Restoration, Renewal and Rapha (healing for mind, body and soul).

R Values

The unique focus of service to which God has called us is to families 

affected by special needs members. We value all people, as image 

bearers of God, irrespective of physical or mental ability.

We are God's hands, feet and mouth to show His love to all people 

without discrimination. We encourage, inspire and empower 

the whole family through rest, restoration, renewal, and healing (Rapha).

We serve all people with respect, kindness, care, and grace. 

The foundation of everything we do is spiritual ministry based on the Bible.