We are ALL one Family

Our Mission:

To encourage, inspire and empower families to engage in a community where uniqueness and differences are celebrated and embraced.

Our Strategy:

To provide opportunities for families to retreat in-person and virtually. 

Retreat: To find a place of refuge and safety. 

Our Definition:

Rest: To refresh and relieve weariness.

Restore: To bring back to a state of health and vigor.

Renew: To make like new. 

Rapha: To heal and rejuvenate the soul. 

Our Vision:

Housing. Employment. Training. Community. Safety. 

A Future...

For Determined Adventures 

(Adults with special needs). 

PANDA transparent. png.png

Be a PANDA....

R[4] needs empowering Partners in Advancement to Nurture Determined Adventurers. Being a PANDA means that you have the power in your hands to effect change. By giving monthly, you will advance the R[4] mission and provide mind blowing retreat opportunities for our Determined Adventurers and their families. 


Be a Volunteer....

Did you know that the only way R[4] is able to provide incredible retreats for our Determined Adventures and their families is through volunteers just like YOU? Each retreat requires a team of dedicated, energetic and joyful volunteers to donate their time to bless R[4] families.