We are ALL one Family

Our Definition:

Rest: To refresh and relieve weariness.

Restore: To bring back to a state of health and vigor.

Renew: To make like new. 

Rapha: To heal and rejuvenate the soul. 

Our Mission:

R4 creates retreat opportunities that encourage, inspire and empower families of children with special needs (Determined Adventurers) 

in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Cincinnati metro areas.

R[4] Retreat Canter 6-1 transparaent.png

Our Vision:

We will impact 250 families by 2025 through safe, inclusive and memorable overnight retreats at beautiful camps and retreat centers in our target areas.  These retreats are opportunities for our Determined Adventurers and their families to come together to find respite, fun and community in an environment created specifically for them and their unique needs. 

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Be a PANDA....

R[4] needs empowering Partners in Advancement to Nurture Determined Adventurers. Being a PANDA means that you have the power in your hands to effect change. By giving monthly, you will advance the R[4] mission and provide mind blowing retreat opportunities for our Determined Adventurers and their families. 


Be a Volunteer....

Did you know that the only way R[4] is able to provide incredible retreats for our Determined Adventures and their families is through volunteers just like YOU? Each retreat requires a team of dedicated, energetic and joyful volunteers to donate their time to bless R[4] families.