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We are ALL one Family

Our Definition:

Rest: To refresh and relieve weariness.

Restore: To bring back to a state of health and vigor.

Renew: To make like new. 

Rapha: To heal and rejuvenate the soul. 

Our Mission:

R4 is a Bible based organization that creates retreat opportunities to encourage, inspire and empower persons with special needs (Determined Adventures) and their caregivers.

R[4] Retreat Canter 6-1 transparaent.png

Our Vision:

To be the ultimate respite destination providing 

continuous support and community for families struggling with the ongoing challenges of caring for a person with special needs.  

Our Commitment:

We will impact 250 people with special needs and their community of caregivers by 2025 in the Dallas/Forth Worth metroplex.


Coming Soon

The Interlude

A monthly opportunity for parents/caregivers of kids and adults with special needs to build community in a unique, kid-free (childcare is free), fun and non-threatening environment. Come join us in Fall of 2023 as we launch in Forney, TX.

A Place Of Acceptance

Be a PANDA….

R[4] needs empowering Partners in Advancement to Nurture Determined Adventurers. Being a PANDA means that you have the power in your hands to effect change. By giving monthly, you will advance the R[4] mission and provide mind blowing retreat opportunities for our Determined Adventurers and their families. 

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